Dallas Acupuncture For Neck Pain

Treat Neck Pain Naturally at our Dallas Acupuncture Clinic

If you live in Dallas and struggle with neck pain, acupuncture could help. In a culture in which the average person spends many hours a day sitting at a desk looking at a Dallas Acupuncture Neck Paincomputer screen, it is no surprise that neck pain would be a major concern. This pain can also be the result of frequent driving, stress, or whiplash injuries. Often times a painful neck may also lead to headaches or migraines and could potentially cause tingling and numbness in the arms.

Acupuncture is very effective at loosening these tight muscles, increasing blood flow to the area, and decreasing pain and inflammation. Research has repeatedly shown that acupuncture for chronic neck pain has proven just as effective, if not more, than physiotherapy. This randomized controlled study showed that 80% or participants showed significant reduction in neck pain.


Easy At-Desk Stretches for Neck and Shoulders

Eyes strain reducer:

Close your eyes and if you have glasses remove them.  Vigorously rub your hands together to create heat between your palms and place your cupped hands over your closed eyes.  Once the warmth has radiated out of your palms, spread your fingers apart and let rays of light in.   Repeat a couple of times and then assess how your eyes and brain feel.

Neck stretch:

Sit tall in a chair with your palms face up in your lap, shoulders relaxed. Breathe 3 to 5 deep breaths and bring some awareness to the back of your head.   Inhale and on the exhale tilt your right ear toward your right shoulder.  Breathe freely and slowly feel your breath create a “full” feeling in the left side of your neck.  Feel the ear moving closer towards the right shoulder and the left shoulder lengthening.  After 3-5 breaths very gently (and moving in cadence with your breath) bring your chin towards your shoulder and make a half circle so your left ear is now over the left shoulder.  Repeat

Elbow “kisses” back of shoulder stretch and slight chest opener:

Extend both arms should height, palms down, soft wrists with fingers pointing toward floor.  Bend elbows and place fingertips lightly on shoulders.  Bring elbows toward each other to touch if they can. (if they don’t touch just go as close as possible).  Bow your chin towards your chest.  Stay for a couple of breaths and feel the scapula (shoulder blades move to create space).   While inhaling lift your chin from your chest, move your elbows away from each other as if you wanted to touch in the back.  Squeeze your scapula together as if you had a nut between your shoulder blades.  Hold for a moment then while exhaling draw your elbows back towards each other and bow chin to chest again.   Repeat as many times as you like.

Gentle Scapula stretch:

Extend arms out front shoulder height.  Make an “X” with your arms by crossing right arm over left at elbows and give yourself a hug.  Leading with the right shoulder, move elbows and head to the right.  Then center and repeat for left side.  Use your breath cadence to coincide with movement.  Once you have completed five on each side, hold in the center.  Leading with your elbows, lift arms overhead (your forearms will be on top of your head) extend arms out to the side and then bring them beside you.    Repeat the whole sequence with the left arm on top.


Image credit: auremar / 123RF Stock Photo