Acupuncture Dallas – Plantar Fasciitis

Treat Plantar Fasciitis Most Effectively with Acupuncture Dallas

If you live in the Dallas area and struggle with Plantar Fasciitis, acupuncture can help. Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common diagnoses of foot pain. This condition causes pain due to inflammation or microtrauma in the connective tissue along the bottom of the foot. It is typically caused by chronic overuse leading to microtears in the fascia. This condition is common in runners or people who spend long hours on acupuncture-dallas-plantar-fasciitistheir feet during work hours (food service, teaching, retail, mail carriers, hospital employees, etc). Pain is typically worse upon getting out of bed as the calf muscles tighten overnight, creating more strain along the plantar fascia. Often times bone spurs along the heel are mistakenly thought to be the problem.  Many patients that undergo surgery to remove the bones spurs, still struggle with heel pain. This is because the inflammation of the fascia is still present and it is truly what needs to be addressed.

Studies have shown the acupuncture significantly relieves heel pain more than physiotherapy and shoe support alone. Acupuncture is uniquely suited to reach the area deep within the foot that seems untouchable by other methods. It can reduce inflammation, decrease pain, and encourage healing. I have successfully treated many patients with plantar fasciitis and reduced their pain considerably, if not totally. If you are struggling with heel pain, contact our office today to begin treatment and drastically improve your quality of life.
Image credit: alila / 123RF Stock Photo